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TheJewelryBar: The Brand is for the fashion accessory lover who LOVES to take risks, and I'm sure you are a lover of bold accessories, which makes us besties! :)


TheJewelryBar is an online jewelry boutique based in Atlanta, Georgia. Designing and buying jewelry has always been a hobby, that eventually turned into a passion I couldn't give up!

Our Mission: is to provide you with the best quality in fashion accessories. We will provide you with amazing customer service and be "your best friend in your head". Our mission is to be your "go-to" for all of the fashion accessory needs. We pride ourselves on not only completing the outfit, but being the conversation piece everywhere you go.

The Beginning

Kalima Nixon, Owner and Founder of TheJewelryBar LLC earned her degree in Fashion Design from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2010. Kalima grew up loving fashion, so she knew when she got older she would be involved in fashion someway, somehow. She just didn't realize it would be fashion accessories. Growing up Kalima could never have a "normal" pair of shoes, they had to be "special", so she would bedazzel them with jewels or beading. Other kids around the neighborhood got hip to her doing this and would ask her to design something for them too! Kalima would design anything from jackets, shirts, jeans, shoes, you name it! She even started making hair accessories and beaded bracelets.


It was not until 2015 when Kalima realized she wanted a future in designing her own fashion accessories. She started doing her research and finding beads she could use to design bracelets. Finding amazing statement necklaces, bracelets, and rings that coincide with the brand she had in mind. 


In July 2016, TheJewelryBar LLC was born. TheJewelryBar LLC offers fun, bold, fashion forward statement pieces that can only be a conversation starter no matter if she's at a party or standing in line at the coffee shop! Jewelry is just the beginning for us. Soon, TheJewelryBar LLC will be your "one stop, shop" for all your fashion accessory needs!

Thank you for visiting, enjoy! :)  

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